About Espressology

At Espressology, we ensure consistency of flavour and quality with pinpoint accuracy. We can help you every step of the way in establishing your very own blend that exactly reflects your taste. Espressology has invested in equipment that will enable your coffee business to grow. You can start off as small as 100kg and grow as much as your vision desires.

We can help you with all the skills and knowledge you need:

Green coffee selection

  • Explore coffees that will produce your ideal flavour
  • Guidance on supplier and orign selection
  • Educational and direct trade origin trips

Cupping and tasting training

Select and monitor your own coffee quality


  • Minimum roast batch size: 5kg Green
  • Maximum batch size: 1 tonne per 2.5 hours
  • And anything in between

Roast certificates with every batch

Your guarantee of consistent quality

Roasting Equipment

  • 120kg Probat with unique kiln heat burner system
  • 60kg Cast Iron atmospheric gas chain burner system
  • 15kg Giesen atmospheric burner system
  • 5kg Renegade gas burner system
  • Propac Form Fill Seal packing system
  • Small batch weigher/nitrogen sealer
  • Agtron Spectrophotometer analyzer
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging (M.A.P)
  • Sinar Beanpro 6070 Grean bean moisture and density analyzer 
  • Oxybaby M+O2/CO2 M.A.P Analyzer


Distribution with your own track & trace capability

Our Team

Instaurator Coffee Director

Instaurator is a coffee and business consultant with a world renowned reputation for his coffee tasting and management expertise. He has been a specialty coffee roaster for 33 years and has helped to establish roasting businesses in Vancouver Canada, Tokyo Japan, Seoul Korea and in Melbourne and Sydney Australia.

He established his own wholesale specialty coffee factory and retail chain of coffee shops now known as Danes Gourmet Coffee, prior to founding Michel's Espresso in 1999. By 2006 when he sold out of Michel's it was rated as the leading coffee chain in Australia by BIS Shrapnel. In this time he oversaw like-store coffee growth of 340% as well as the expansion from 70 to 350 stores.

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Ged Ryan Chief Operations Officer

Ged is an ex-professional barista who is trained in specialty coffee. He is a Chartered Accountant - but please don't hold that against him! Ged is great at working out reliable systems and quality accountability (pardon the pun!). Your blend gets roasted, packed and delivered to your specs (as in specifications) on time, every time.

John Tucker Production Manager and Head Coffee Roaster

John previously was head roaster at an international coffee company before joining Espressology. He was responsible for roasting, packing and dispatching 15 tons and eight coffee brands per week. JT has a highly developed coffee palate and is simply a great artisan roaster of coffee! It's in his blood.  And he loves learning about Quantum Mechanics.

Josh Forsyth Systems Director

Josh has a love for travelling and has worked on coffee farms both in India and here in Australia. He has worked roasting and despatching coffee for some of Australia's leading coffee brands, all while studying at University. He now has a Bachelor of Accounting degree.

Rob Murrell Sales Director

Rob worked for 23 years in the financial services industry with Ord Westpac Futures, Ord Minnett and Man Investments and has extensive experience dealing with coffee futures, contracts and options.  He headed Sales and Client Service teams,  with both National and International clients as well as the big four banks. Rob is passionate about coffee, surfing, travel and golf, and has been a long standing member of Manly Golf Club.  He feels he is now living his dream, working in  coffee roasting, having been mentored by his brother in law, Instaurator at Espressology.

Caleb Holstein Single Origin Coffee Roaster

Caleb, after surveying the international specialty coffee scene, worked in his family cafes north of Sydney, upgrading their coffee quality.  He very quickly settled into indulging his passion for Research and Development and building his coffee roasting skills and knowledge.  He is also interested in Quantum Mechanics!

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