Bespoke Contract Coffee Roasters

Espressology is a bespoke specialty coffee roasting company based in Sydney, Australia. We work closely with coffee professionals to create and develop their own personal coffee blends that reflect their taste and guide them on how to best deliver it to market.

Bespoke Contract Roasting

Espressology is different. We do not supply our own brand direct to cafes because we don't have our own coffee brand. This is different to most other coffee roasters. We work with baristas and wholesalers who want to concentrate on what they are good at without having to set up a coffee factory.

Private Label

Espressology can create your own coffee and we can also provide access to a unique new printing process which means that you can have your own logo printed on your bags. You only need a minimum of a hundred 1kg bags. You can start small and still look thoroughly professional with your own true private label coffee.

Coffee Consulting

Espressology provides consulting advice to a range of companies from small start ups through to large coffee chains and coffee growers. We provide bespoke, comprehensive advice to suit your particular needs including; cupping, barista training and coffee roaster installation.

The Espresso Quest

Explore the world of coffee in Instaurator's book: The Espresso Quest

The Espresso Quest is not just another text book; it is an intimate revelation about the ongoing struggle of taming the seemingly infinite complexity that goes into making a great espresso coffee.

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