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The Espresso Quest

The Espresso Quest

Author: Instaurator
ISBN: 9780646486321
First published: 25 February 2008
Pages: 220 full colour

The Espresso Quest is an exciting tale of an espresso lover's quest to find the pure joy experienced in a perfectly prepared cup of espresso coffee.

In the Espresso Quest, Instaurator weaves in tales of how he became enlightened to that perfect espresso, and how his journeys - and people he met along the way - helped him realize that espresso is not something that can be prepared by following a set of rules. Instead it requires passion - of the grower, roasters and barista - to ensure the coffee bean is brought to its purist state.

Join Instaurator as he dives into the intricacies of growing, processing and brewing espresso, revealing how each are necessary to understand if that perfect little cup is to find a place in your heart. Throughout the book he shares memories of his first true perfect espresso, then takes the reader on his journey to seek that sublime taste time and again. Along the road, he recounts his observations, discussions and first-hand experiences in the world of espresso coffee. Through it all, Instaurator emphasizes "Let taste be your guide." His quest is sure to incite many more passionate discussions about how to best experience that ultimate espresso.

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