Bespoke Contract Roasting

Espressology is not your ordinary contract coffee roaster. It is what we call bespoke coffee roasting. In the same way that a bespoke tailor creates clothes to professionally reflect your taste and help present you to the world at your best, Espressology creates your perfect coffee roast profiles to best reflect your sense of taste.

Whether it's your own blend or a single estate specialty origin coffee, you can be confident that your coffee will consistently reflect your great taste to the world. And you can get on with building your own coffee enterprise. You don't have to invest millions of dollars to gain access to your very own roasting facility. We do not have our own coffee brand for cafes. So we don't compete with you.

We do not deal directly with cafes or coffee shops but if you are one we would be happy to recommend any one of our customers to service your needs.


We can help you develop your own coffee tasting skills so you can select the best green coffees the world has to offer for yourself. We have access to world's best practice international coffee education via our education partner Coffee Logic. You can learn the ultimate professional coffee knowledge.

Roasting equipment

'Bertie' is our fully restored 120kg German engineered Probat coffee roaster. This roasting equipment has a unique heat stamp with beautiful radiant heat, due to the soft cast iron metal and the great heat-transfer from the heat-chamber underneath the roaster drum. The computerised thermostat and pneumatic controls result in perfect precision and repeated consistency down to 0.1 of a degree; every time.


We also do small batch specialty coffee roasting from 5kg to 15kg on our Renegade and Geisen small batch coffee roasters.

Attention to detail

We roast specialty coffee to international benchmark specifications. We know what it means to pay attention successfully. We have in fact helped a number of barista champions to succeed with their own specialty coffees.

Specialty green coffee

We have relationships with specialty coffee growers all around the world and with long standing logistics specialists who can help secure unique specialty green coffees just for you. If you would like to visit a coffee farm with us and meet growers who produce great specialty coffee, we can make this happen for you too.

Espressology is based in Sydney Australia, only 30 minutes from the Central Business District.